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Colorado’s Public Lands: Not For Sale

Blog    On May 19, 2016

As those who live in Colorado’s beautiful 3rd Congressional District know, public lands are at the heart of our history, our identity, and our economy. While serving in the state senate, I always stood up for our public lands, and I will continue to as your representative in Congress.

Yesterday Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 21, which establishes the third Saturday in May as Public Lands Day to celebrate “the significant contributions that national, state, and local public lands within Colorado make to wildlife, recreation, the economy, and to Coloradans’ quality of life.”

I know that residents in western and southern Colorado want their representative in Congress to cherish public lands as much as they do and I will be their champion. I will work hard to promote our National Parks and Monuments, to permanently protect the Thompson Divide from speculative oil and gas development, and continue to safeguard our wilderness and our agricultural heritage.

But to get to Congress to continue fighting for our public lands, I need your support! Click here to donate $10, $50 or even $100 to my campaign today.

We need a representative who stands up for Colorado’s 24 million acres of national public lands and who understands that the outdoor recreation industry generates $13.2 billion per year in Colorado and more than 125,000 jobs.

This is a day to stand up for state and federal public lands and to stand against those who would sell them off to the highest bidder.

Will you show your support by donating today?

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