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Gail’s first radio ad, “Strong,” is out!

Blog    On August 21, 2016

Great news! Our first radio ad of the campaign, called “Strong,” is on the airwaves. It tells a story that illustrates one of the most fundamental principles that has guided my life and career. I’ve faced big personal challenges, and I’ve been told many times that I couldn’t do something, but it only motivated me to work harder and get things done.

Running for Congress is another big challenge, but you can bet I will call upon the same type of strength during this campaign. Thankfully, so much of this strength comes from the hard-working people of the 3rd Congressional District, who are willing to fight alongside me for change and real representation. The people I meet want to fix our broken Congress, end the partisan gridlock, and see some real results out of Washington. That’s what I want too, and with your support we will make it happen!

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