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Dark Money Attack Ad Tries to Spook Voters — Just in Time for Halloween

Blog    On October 31, 2016

A conservative Super PAC recently started running a sensationalist TV ad against me, as part of a $1.3 million ad campaign. It is absurd in its inaccuracy and reminds us that unlimited campaign spending severely distorts our democracy.

The ad cites Senate Bill 176 from 2011, which allowed inmates to earn good behavior time while in solitary confinement if they met certain criteria. But there are a few things the ad won’t tell you:
  • This bipartisan bill passed unanimously in the Senate and by a vast majority in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
  • I did not work directly on the bill and had no role in promoting its passage other than voting for it along with all of my colleagues in the Senate.

The ad itself is fear-mongering at its most reprehensible. It relies upon extremely ugly stereotypes intended to scare viewers. In a fact-check article, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel noted that it plays into fears by featuring a couple wearing Muslim clothing and a man wearing a hoodie and carrying a handgun. As the Sentinel notes, the attackers featured in the ad “didn’t serve time in a Colorado prison,” and they were not “in solitary confinement here.”

The right-wing “Congressional Leadership Fund” Super PAC that paid for the ad campaign describes itself as “exclusively dedicated to protecting and strengthening the Republican Majority in the House of Representatives.” The group relies on funding from ultra-wealthy conservative donors, including the casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson. They have spent at least $29 million trying to defeat Democrats this election cycle.



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