Endorsements and Supporters


Elected and Public Officials

Former U.S. Secretary of Interior and Senator Ken Salazar & Hope Salazar:

Ken Salazar, U.S. Secretary of the Interior from 2009-2013, with me in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Ken Salazar, U.S. Secretary of the Interior from 2009-2013, with me in Crested Butte, Colorado.

I’m proud that my friend Gail Schwartz is stepping up to provide the type of independent leadership that Western Colorado deserves. Gail’s work in the San Luis Valley and for our rural communities has been transformative; she has worked to build new schools, protect our seniors, and take care of our veterans. Results matter and Gail has delivered.

Udall Mark (D-CO)

Mark Udall

Former U.S. Senator Mark Udall and Maggie Fox:

The minute I heard Gail was getting into the race, I was on her team, because I understand her tireless work ethic and the values she stands for. She shows up, she listens to the people, and when a great idea comes up she acts on it. That’s the very definition of a great Representative.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper:

During her time in the state legislature, I witnessed first-hand Gail’s endless energy, roll-up-your sleeves work ethic, and devotion to rural Coloradans.  There is much frustration with today’s Congress — Coloradans want progress and solutions to our challenges, not just partisan squabbling.  Gail’s commitment to getting results is exactly what we need in Washington to turn things around.


Durango Herald:

Gail Schwartz has spent decades digging into issues and working across the aisle to craft solutions to some of the toughest challenges facing our region. In Congress, she will continue to support adequate funding for our national parks and public lands, continue to work to fund education and make it affordable and to increase broadband access for rural businesses.

Cortez Journal:

Schwartz is exceptionally qualified for the job and we should elect her to serve as the first woman to represent the 3rd Congressional District.”

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel:

[I]n an era of unprecedented partisanship and gridlock on Capitol Hill, we need lawmakers who can put the needs of the district over party interests — or their own. We think Schwartz will do that.

Glenwood Springs Post Independent:

Schwartz will work toward a realistic energy policy that recognizes market forces and the business case for renewables, and will strive to represent the full range of interests across the sprawling, diverse district.

Crested Butte News:

In this time of toxic partisan politics where party loyalty trumps overall country benefit, Gail might actually be one of those sitting in Congress who could help pull back that poisonous attitude. Her political history demonstrates a willingness to work with members of both parties for the good of a cause and that’s really impressive and important right now. She works hard, she works smart and she will work for people like us living out here in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Vote for Gail Schwartz for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Gunnison Country Times:

Schwartz came to the state Senate in 2006 with a public service background in education but quickly became an advocate for energy, water, and agricultural interests…Still, she never lost sight of education, sponsoring the Building Schools Today program which has led to the construction of more than $1 billion in schools…We think it’s time for western Colorado to be represented by a more moderate voice. Our support is with Schwartz.

Crestone Eagle:

Schwartz had been our region’s Colorado State Senator, co-creating the BEST program—Building Excellent Schools Today, which funded new schools all over rural Colorado, including the Moffat School and Crestone Charter School. She’s a strong advocate for public lands. She would be an excellent representative for our 3rd Congressional District, bringing her integrity and values to Congress.”

Aspen Times:

“The Crested Butte resident often worked across to aisle to get things done. As a self-described centrist, we think her bipartisan efforts would be a refreshing addition to a Congress that has a track record of failing to work together. Scott Tipton, the incumbent seeking a fourth term, has passed just four bills in six years. We think Schwartz’s criticism of his record holds water, and we agree that he’s part of the so-called “do-nothing” Congress.”

Aspen Daily News:

“Our region’s interests in Congress would best be looked after by Gail Schwartz, whose record of supporting the environment, public lands, education and the shifting Western Slope economy makes her the clear choice over her incumbent opponent.”

Groups and Organizations

Aspen Skiing Company (Mike Kaplan):

Gail Schwartz gives us an opportunity to move into a prosperous future, not cling to the past.

EMILY’s List:

Gail’s commitment to defending women’s access to health care, improving opportunities for rural communities, and protecting Colorado’s natural resources, demonstrate the important perspective she will bring to Congress.”

League of Conservation Voters:

“…proven leadership protecting the environment, expanding clean energy and conserving public lands.


Having lived on the Western Slope for more than 40 years, Gail has fought for Colorado women and families her entire career.”

New Dems:

Everyone who knows Gail knows her passion and commitment to ensuring equitable access and opportunity for all of the people and diverse communities of rural Colorado to quality education and health care, economic development, broadband, and the infrastructure necessary to compete and succeed in our global economy.”

Outdoor Industry Association:

Gail Schwartz not only has a passion for the industry but understands our values and would represent them well in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Other Groups and Organizations

Blue Dogs

Colorado AFL-CIO

End Citizens United

J Street

National Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education

Planned Parenthood


Sierra Club

United Mine Workers

Other Elected and Public Officials 

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette

U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett & Brenda Garnett

Pueblo County District Attorney Jeff Chostner & Paula Chostner

Former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter

Former Colorado Governor Roy Romer

Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm & Dottie Lamm

Colorado Senator Kerry Donovan

Colorado Senator Rollie and Hon. Josie Heath

Colorado Senator Lucia Guzman

Colorado Senator Michael Johnston

Colorado Rep. Millie Hamner

Colorado Rep. KC Becker

Hon. Jean & Frank Dubofsky

Hon. Angelique Espinoza

Former Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald

County Commissioner Deb Gardner

Colorado Rep. Alec Garnett

County Coroner Emma Hall

Mayor Suzanne Jones

County Commissioner Elise Jones

Sheriff Joe Pelle

Hon. Bob & Nancy Sievers

Hon. Linda Shoemaker & Steve Brett

Hon. Will Toor

County Treasurer Paul Weissman

Hon. Ruth & Ken Wright

Hon. Alice Madden

Hon. Mick Ireland

Hon. Gail Schoettler

Hon. Michael Carrigan

Hon. John Salazar & Mary Lou Salazar

Hon. Barbara & Mike McLachlan

Hon. Gwen Lachelt & Dr. Anita Holtz

Hon. Julie Westendorff & Bill Westendorff

Sheriff Joe diSalvo

Clerk & Recorder Teak Simonton

Commissioner Jill Ryan

Commissioner Jeanne McQueeney

Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry

Community and Grassroots Leaders

Vicki Cowart & Christopher Hayes

Karen Middleton

John Powers

Blanca & Cavanaugh O’Leary

Dash & Brendan Ash

Thomas Barron

Henry & Anne Beer

Cathy Carlson

Marci & Ken Collins

Edie Hooton

John Howard

Lara Lee Hullinghorst

Michael Hutner

Pete & Lindsey Leavell

James B. Martin

Sydney & Tom Macy

Pat McConathy

Ann O’Neil

Jim Pribyl

Diane Rosenthal

Patricia Waak

Valerie Yates

Charla Brown & Rob Burnett

Dawn Cohen & Shaun Horne

Glo Cunningham & Scotto Wimmer

Beverly & Balie Griffith

Maureen & Bob Hall

John Hess

Mary & John Holder

Sarah & Mark Kaufman

Lauren & Bob Lange

Monica Piergrossi

Sue Navy

Jeff Scott

Annie & Jim Starr

Wren & Tim Wirth

Vivian & Tom Waldeck

Nedra & Mark Oren

Nadine Asin & Tom van Straaten

Joe & Jim Koncilja

Tom Strickland

Beth Strickland

Robin Schepper

Eric Washburn

Gael & Jay Fetcher

Dani & Doug Thomas

Laurie & Bob Harris

Isa Catto & Daniel Shaw

Kathy LeMieux Rodman & Bill Rodman

Jill Soffer

Jonathan King

Cassie Perlmutter

Auden Schendler

Matt Teeters

Joy & Jamie Harrison

Jane Lowery

Dick Rothkopf

Harriet Moyer Aptekar & Don Aptekar

Noah Aptekar

Dr. Kathleen & Mike Beatty

Noey Congdon

Duke DeGrassi

Rhonda Grant

Barbara Grogan

Ruth Hopfenbeck

Heather Lurie

Hon. Karen Middleton

Susan Mostow

Jill Nelson

Barbara Scott

Jim Spaanstra

Judi Wagner

Laurie Hirschfeld Zeller

DeeDee & Peter Decker

Patti & Greg Hart

Suzanne Hamilton & Bob Page

Carla & George Frampton

Tracy & Tom Glass

Mary Griesedieck Sperling

Barbara Green

Chris Ott

Rick Palacio

Jamie Van Leeuwen

Ted Trimpa

Alan Salazar

Mike Stratton

Andy & Bonnie Spielman

Garrison Ortiz

Debra & Mike Callihan

Narcissa & Hap Channell

Judy & Butch Clark

Rhonda Connaway & Martha Gentry

Noelle & Richard Hagan

Betsy & Don Janney

Paula Swenson

Ingrid Antoni

Connie & Jim Calaway

Carly & Frosty Merriott

Nancy Taylor

Judith Barnard & Michael Fain

Ramona Bruland & Michael Goldberg

Kay Bucksbaum

Noey & Tom Congdon

Gerri Karetsky & Larry Naughton

Barbara Koval

Becky & Mike Murray

Marcie & Robert Musser

Fonda & Charlie Paterson

Anne & Arne Porath

Judith Steinberg

Alison Teal & Sam Brown

Jan Soderberg

Ruth Carver

Kay & Tom Dunton

Cinda & Donnelley Erdman

Jane & Bill Frazer

Joan Harris

Ann Mullins

Gael Neeson & Stefan Edlis

Hensley & James Peterson

Gail Engelberg

Jake Mascotte

Patricia Papper

Barbara Reid & David Hyman

Linda Vitti Herbst

Georgeann Waggaman

Michele Diamond

Hon. Trési Houpt & Jeff Houpt

Hon. Shelley Kaup & Dale Kaup

Gail Pollack & Charlie Westerman

Frank Martin & Paula Stepp

Chris & Mark Stevens

Alice Bedard-Voorhees & Rick Voorhees

Marshall Whiting & Richard Arnold

Richard Betts

Lulu Hunt

Dr. Peter Hackett and Dr. Ruth Higdon

Beckie Pendergrass

Linda & Dave Gann

Nancy Fellows-Ball

Phoebe & Dr. Mike Benziger

Jayne Bilberry

Barbara & Dr. Kelly Bynum

Jock & Ann- Marie Fleming

Jon & Beth Gordon

John Harold

Mike & Sharon Hoffman

David & Mary Jane Masters

Marge Phelps

Keith Killian

Bernie & Mary Beth Buescher

Chris Seidman

Martelle Daniels

John Burkey

Dan Robinson

Janine Rider

Lynette Richardson

Michelle & LeRoy Salazar

Cat & Avery Augur

Allison Cruse & Aaron Miltenberger

Gigi Darricades & Mike Gibson

Rio De La Vista

Deanne & Thad Elliott

Pat & Tom Gilmore

Lillian & Pete Gomez

Hew Hallock

Trudi & John Kretsinger

Chelsea McNerney-Martinez

Julie Mordecai

Patti & Art Ortiz

Marguerite & Arnold Salazar

Becky Hernreich

Sally Johnston

Anne-Marie Keane

Christina & Josh Lautenberg

Carrie Marsh

Beth Slifer

Thea Chase

Claudette Konola

Jo Lynn Phillips

Sue Phillips

Mary Beth Pyle

Jonathan King

Besha Deane

Jenny Hamilton

Simi Hamilton

Betsy After

Meag Lynch

Dean Brookie

Lois & Ken Carpenter

Gordon Rodda

Karen & Jerry Zink

Marcie & Ryan Demmy Bidwell

Chris Killingsworth & Steve Kandell

Peggy Montaño

Carrie Sandstedt & John Wallin

Sally Shuffield & Mike Matz

Melissa Watson & Brian O’Donnell
















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